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Rory & Dean Capspam "Raincoats & Recipes"

Ok, I'm trying my first post here. Let's see how it goes.

This is for ally. I promised her a capspam of this scene like two months ago in payment for her making our Narco OP over at Fan Forum's GG board organized and pretty. ♥ I'm late, ally, but here it is. It was supposed to be a 10 cap picspam, but then again, it wouldn't have done the scene justice.

Watching the scene through stills reveals so much of their body language and thought process. It's really incredible how different things look when you look at frozen moments rather than movement, when your eyes can't flutter in and out missing important and small information, but then again, we have caps for these things. Ha.



Ahhh, trying to avoid brushing against each other. Nice.

Dean looks small, hesitant and a little lost here, like the Rory's room is about swallow him up if he doesn't stop spinning. When you watch it, you know he's just looking for the right words to say what he went to Rory's to say, and he's super nervous, but still, there's a confidence there.

He's crowding her now because he's about to say something very important and he has to make sure she's listening.

Oh crap, Rory's entire body language changes. I'm still undecided on what she was expecting from him, because while it seems obvious to me that he's too mushy looking to be there for anything other than a confession, it seems like the blood is drained from her face and her mouth is frozen like she's thinking, "I have no defense system for what's coming."

There she's just using those poor CDs as props to give herself something to do while the panic settles down.

"Lindsay" and she stops him cold.

I love her face here like she's forcing herself to look like she's sorry that his marriage isn't working when she clearly is thinking, "does that mean I win?"

Oops, he's giving her the puppy dog eyes, it's not looking good for Rory.

She's lost and she knows it.

She's giving him Rory face.

And knowing her like he does, he knows how she feels about him without her needing to say it.

Her arms looks like miniatures in his hands and his arms look huge in hers. It's a beautiful contrast, I think.

I don't know how Dean figured his visit would end. He probably had a few scenarios, some where she rejected him (cue the heartbreak), and some where she admitted there *was* something between them, which is exactly what she did. I don't think however, that Dean expected to sleep with her, and that it was his main intention, like some people propose. I believe it just happened, heat of the moment, we're alone kind of reaction to years of being apart and the obvious crushing on each other that had been going on for most of season 4. So many unresolved issues, the gaping lack of closure between them, they loved each other, they wanted each other and things happened. He asked Lorelai where Rory, had been scheming all this, he probably wouldn't have been so blunt as to ask Lorelai where Rory was.

I admit that I find all this equal parts joyful and sad. Joyful because they're meant to be together and after longing they're finally back where they want to be and it feels right. But sad because Dean is married and this was Rory's first time and given the chance, I'm sure both would go back and change everything, wait for Dean to get a divorce so they don't have people shaking their heads at them and taking Rory away like she's four. Having said all that, the fact that they're Rory & Dean is enough to make it great it seems, we're shown in the Season 5 opener what a great time they had regardless of everything else, and that just makes me go awwwww all over again.